A Gift of Chappals Class 7 Short Summary & Explanation in English

Cousin Love

As Mridu visited her cousins, Ravi and Meena pulled her into the house. She took off her pair of slippers near a black pair. They took her to the backyard, where a kitten was drinking milk from the half coconut shell.

Meena and Ravi had hidden the cat there as their grandmother was against it. Ravi was annoyed by her elders, who only preached love for animals and hated them in reality. The kitty was called Mahendran by the kids. The name was based on the historic Pallava king’s dynasty. It was not just a made-up name. He told Mridu that this cat was the descendant of the Mahabalipuram Rishi-Cat.

The Cat

While they kept on talking, the cat felt alarmed and, at once, jumped into chillies kept there for drying. A noise came from inside the house, and the kids told Mridu that Lalli was learning to play the violin.

Lilly and Her Efforts

As they crept up through the window, they could see Lalli learning to play the violin. She was trying hard to play. In front of her was sitting the music master, who had a golden chain and a diamond ring. Lalli was trying to copy her master but was failing miserably. They all were looking at Lalli while she was failing. Meanwhile, Ravi had sent a beggar away and told him that it was time, he finds another house to beg.

The Needy Beggar

The beggar trusted the ladies of that house, so he could not believe what Ravi was saying. When Rukku Mani told the beggar to go, he wished he could stay for a little time as the sun was hot and had melted tar at the road. The beggar had a blister at the bottom of his feet. Meena wanted to give him something.

Kind Ravi

Ravi had an idea, so he pushed Mridu and Meena inside the house. He picked the chappals lying at the house entrance that Mridu had seen while entering the house.

Ravi gave those chappals to the beggar and left in a hurry while blessing the kids. The music master came and looked for his chappals. He asked if Lalli had seen his chappals anywhere.

Angry Rukku Mani

Rukku Mani came and asked the kids if they have seen anyone visiting the verandah. She came to know that the kids have given the chappals to the beggar. She became angry. Rukku Mani brought Gopu Mama’s new chappal and gave them to the music-master. Rukku Mani was not happy about this event and invited Mridu to eat tiffin.