Fire: Friend and Foe Class 7 Short Summary & Explanation in English


This chapter tells about the two sides of fire. Fire is both a boon and a bane for humans. Once we understand the composition of fire, we can put it to use more carefully and prevent accidents. 


The discovery of fire is considered humankind’s most important achievement. Early Man discovered fire and used it for cooking and keeping himself warm. But before it was invented and put to good use, it had existed in dangerous forms like lightning or lava from the volcanoes. 

Fire is formed by the chemical reaction of fuel, oxygen and heat. Wood, coal or petrol act as fuels. The oxygen is supplied by air and the heat is generated when we strike a matchstick. It is then used to cook food, generate electricity and many other essential human activities. 

Despite being a gift to us, fire is also dangerous as it often causes accidents. Fires break out in buildings and cause loss of life and property. Forest fires burn down vast stretches of rich vegetation and kill animals. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to use fire wisely and carefully. 

By removing one of the three above mentioned components, fire can be prevented from spreading. By not supplying more fuel, by stopping the supply of oxygen using a damp blanket or by bringing down the temperature to reduce heat, Fire can be stopped. 


Fire is thus both a good servant and a bad master. It is a blessing when used carefully and a curse when it becomes uncontrollable. Hence, we need to take precautionary measures and also know how to handle fire accidents. We should also respect fire fighters who risk their own lives to save us and our property.