Garden Snake Poem Class 7 Summary Stanza Wise & Explanation in English


In this poem, the poet talks about a green snake. He runs away, However his mother tells him that all snakes are not dangerous including this one. He decides to make way for the garden snake from now one because it is harmless.




I saw a snake and ran away...
Some snakes are dangerous, they say;
But mother says that kind is good,
And eats up insects for his food.
So when he wiggles in the grass
I’ll stand aside and watch him pass,
And tell myself, “There’s no mistake,
It’s just a harmless garden snake!"


The child says that he saw a snake and ran away because people say that some snakes are dangerous. However his mother tells him that this kind (the green snake) is a good snake and eats up insects.

The child then decides that whenever he will see the snake wiggling (crawl) in the grass, he will stand aside and watch it pass. While doing so, he will tell himself that he has not made any mistake as this is a harmless garden snake.

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