The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom Class 7 Short Summary & Explanation in English


a story of two old men, one was kind and other was cruel.

Muko, the saint

A long time ago, a couple had a dog. They treated it very well, and the dog also loved its masters very much. The older man went to work, and Muko (the dog) followed him every day.

One day, Muko ran to the older man and started to push him in a direction. When he followed the dog, he saw a pile of gold. The old couple became rich and bought a lot of lands. They became kinder to the dog. They also helped their neighbours.

The Wicked Man

There was also a wicked man in town who tried to woo the dog to help him find a treasure, but the dog rejected him every time. One day, the dog led the wicked older man and his wife toward the field, and they thought that it had found them a treasure. They started to dig and found nothing but a dead kitten. 

Miserable Death

The older man beat the dog to death, and they both buried its carcass in the hole. The kind man learnt about the death of his dog, and he mourned in many ways. He placed bamboo sticks as it was a tomb and also burnt many expensive incense sticks.

That night the dog’s spirit came into the older man’s dream, and it told the man o cut the pine tree and make a mortar. The older man followed the advice. While trying to make the pastry, the whole mass turned into gold. Also, when the woman tried to grind the beans, they turned into gold.

Greed is Bad

The envious couple was also watching this through a hole and could not believe their eyes. The next day, the other couple borrowed the mortar and repeated the whole process, and the whole pastry turned into worms.

Golden Beans

The spirit appeared in the older man’s dream again and told him to pour the ashes in the withered tree’s stems, and they would bloom. The older man took the ashes and poured them into his favourite cherry tree. It blossomed and filled the whole garden with fragrance.  Everyone came to see the wonder. 

The Killer Guard

When the daimio (respected landowner) passed through the road, the kind older man poured the ashes into the tree base, and it bloomed. The daimio stopped his car and came after seeing the wonder. He gifted the older man and invited him to his castle. When the envious man heard of this, he also went to the roadside and climber the tree. As the daimio came closed, he poured the ashes, and it did not change anything. Now the ashes went into the eyes and noses of the daimio and his wife.

The envious man was beaten to death by his guards. He died a miserable death.