Dad and the Cat and the Tree Poem Class 7 Summary Stanza Wise & Explanation in English


In this poem, the narrator narrates a small story of how their cat got struck on the top of a tree and his/her father tries to bring it down. However he fails repeatedly. Finally the cat jumps but father is struck in the branches.


Lines 1-16

This morning a cat got
Stuck in our tree.
Dad said, “Right, just
Leave it to me."
The tree was wobbly,
The tree was tall.
Mum said, “For goodness’
Sake don’t fall!"
“Fall?" scoffed Dad,
“A climber like me?
Child’s play, this is!
You wait and see."
He got out the ladder
From the garden shed.
It slipped. He landed
In the flower bed.

According to the narrator, one morning a cat gets stuck in the tree. His/her father says that he will bring it down though the tree was tall and wobbly (unstable). Mother warned him not to fall down. However father said that climbing the tree is just a child play for him. He then brought the ladder and started climbing. However he slipped and fell in the flower bed.

Lines 17-30

“Never mind," said Dad,
Brushing the dirt
Off his hair and his face
And his trousers and his shirt,
“We’ll try Plan B. Stand
Out of the way!"
Mum said, “Don’t fall
Again, O.K.?"
“Fall again?" said Dad.
“Funny joke!"
Then he swung himself up
On a branch. It broke.
Dad landed wallop
Back on the deck.

After falling down, he brushed the dirt off his hair, face, trousers and shirt. After that he said that he has a Plan B. Again mom asks him not to fall down. However father laughs at it and swings up on a branch. But the branch breaks and father again falls back on the deck badly.

Lines 31-48

Mum said, “Stop it,
You’ll break your neck!"
“Rubbish!" said Dad.
“Now we’ll try Plan C.
Easy as winking
To a climber like me!"
Then he climbed up high
On the garden wall.
Guess what?
He didn’t fall!
He gave a great leap
And he landed flat
In the crook of the tree-trunk —
Right on the cat!

Mom asks him to stop or else he will break his neck. At this, father says that he will try Plan C now and it will be as easy as a blink of eye. Saying that, father climbs up on the garden wall and this time he did not fall. He jumped and landed on a strong branch near the cat.

Lines 49-60

The cat gave a yell
And sprang to the ground,
Pleased as Punch to be
Safe and sound.
So it’s smiling and smirking,
Smug as can be,
But poor old Dad’s

The cat yelled and jumped to the ground without injuring itself and was smiling. On the other hand, father got stuck on the tree.

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