Prophet Muhammad Justice and Fairness

Hazrat Adi Bin Hatim who accepted Islam under the influence of Prophet Muhammad (sal allah ho alaihi wasallim) narrated: Once …

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Sirat e Mustaqeem in Quran

* According to Ibn-e-Abi-Hatim & Ibn-e-Jareer, Sirat e Mustaqeem is the book of Allah i.e. Qur’an. * According to Muhammad  …

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Shaitan or Iblis in Islam

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! In Islam the word “Shaitan” has been derived from “Shatan” which literally means “Separate.” As this cursed …

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Facts About Holy Quran

* According to Hazrat Qatada (r.a.)  Surah Al Baqra, Surah Al Imran, Surah Nisa, Surah Ma’eda, Surah Baraat, Surah Raa’d, …

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ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Allah ????? says in Qur’an: “& do not say about those who are killed in the way …

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Praying to Allah in Islam-His Remembrance

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Allah عزوجل says in Qur’an: “So remember Me; I will remember you; & be grateful to Me …

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Angel, Man and Jinn

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! I am going to explain some facts about the  creations of Allah عزوجل. 1. ANGELS: Angels are …

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Kaaba Facts

“& mention when We made the House a place of return for the people and a place of security. And …

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Direction of Prayer for Muslims

Allah عزوجل says in Qur’an: “& to Allah عزوجل belongs the east & the west. So wherever you might turn …

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Prohibition of Magic in Islam

In the reign of Prophet Sulaiman علیه سلام, Bani Isra’el started practicing Magic. At this Sulaiman علیه سلام tried to …

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