Direction of Prayer for Muslims

Allah ????? says in Qur’an:

“& to Allah ????? belongs the east & the west. So wherever you [might] turn there is the Face of Allah ?????. Indeed, Allah ????? is all-Encompassing & Knowing”  [Al Qur’an 2:115]


* Once Sahabas alongwith Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ???? were travelling in the dead of night. They could not locate Qibla (earlier, prayers were performed by facing Qibla not Ka’ba).

Every one of them offered prayers by turning to the direction as per his satisfaction. In the following morning, they told Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ???? about the incidence & at that time the above mentioned verse was alighted.

* The second maxim is that, this verse was alighted in the favor of passenger who can pray even on the vehicle. Wherever he turns to pray, that will be the apt direction for him.

* It is proved in Bukhari & Muslim that when it was ordered (by Allah ?????) to diverge from Qibla (to Ka’ba), the Jews opposed it & this verse was alighted telling that east, west, all belong to Allah ?????. He can ask us to pray in any direction (Hazin).

* Another maxim about this verse is that, it was alighted in the favour of Dua (not Nimaz). It was disovered from Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ???? that one can pray (dua) to Allah ????? by turning to any direction (however, while making dua, it is often suggested to turn towards Qibla).

* One more maxim about this verse is that, if Pagans or Impious stop us from praying in Ka’ba, then every inch of earth is Masjid for us. We can pray at any place, by facing Qibla.

But we should pray, pray & pray, without any excuse.

Any mistake, on my part, if found, may please be forgiven.


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