Concept of Anathema (lanat) In Islam

Literally, Anathema or Curse (lanat) means, “to dispel from the bounty of Allah” TYPES OF ANATHEMA IN ISLAM There are …

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Essay on Spread of Islam in Kashmir

Jul 20,16by malik

INTRODUCTION Islam is essentially a missionary religion and the Muslim missionary, be he a Pir (spiritual guide) or a preacher, …

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Can One Pray for Others?

Allah says in Qur’an: “That everyman receives only what he makes an effort for” Al Qur’an 53:39 Thus, some people, …

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Allama Ragab Asfahani writes, “Immaculate or Khalis means, Clean, Something having impurity and this impurity if taken off, this it …

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Who is Imam or Spiritual Guide in Islam

An Imam is one who is followed by people. Further, an Imam is one whose verbs (Islamic expressions) are followed …

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Jannat Heaven Islam

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Heaven: The word “Jannah”  has been derived from the word “Jann” which means “to hide something”. Jannah …

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Who is Considered Martyr in Islam

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Martyr, in Islamic terms, is a person who dies in the way of Allah i.e. by doing …

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Good and Bad Morals in Islam

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Allah عزوجل says in Qur’an: “Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, …

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What is the Meaning of Imaan in Islam

* Hazrat Abdullah (رحمت اللّہ ) said that meaning of Imaan is the name of asserting something. * Hazrat Zahri …

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Saying Ameen in Islam

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Saying “Ameen” after Surah Al-Fatiha is righteous (or Mustahab) in Islam. “Ameen” can be examplified with “Yaseen”. …

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