Concept of Anathema (lanat) In Islam

Literally, Anathema or Curse (lanat) means, “to dispel from the bounty of Allah” TYPES OF ANATHEMA IN ISLAM There are three types of Anathema (la’nat): To curse someone as cursed In Canon of Islam (Sheri’ah). E.g. Curse of Allah on pagans, Curse of Allah on liars, Curse on those men who disguise as women and … Read more

Essay on Spread of Islam in Kashmir

INTRODUCTION Islam is essentially a missionary religion and the Muslim missionary, be he a Pir (spiritual guide) or a preacher, carries with him the message of Islam to the people of land he enters Islam was introduced in the Valley of Kashmir not by conquests but by gradual conversions affected by Muslim Missionaries. The history … Read more

Can One Pray for Others?

Allah says in Qur’an: “That everyman receives only what he makes an effort for” [Al Qur’an 53:39] Thus, some people, on the basis of this Verse, deny one’s prayers for others. But it is wrong. Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas (r.a.) said: Following verse rescinded the above verse: “And those who believed and whose descendants followed them in … Read more


Allama Ragab Asfahani writes, “Immaculate or Khalis means, Clean, Something having impurity and this impurity if taken off, this it will be called Immaculate or Khalis. In Qur’an, Muslims are named as Mukhlis or Immaculate because they are free and pure from the practices of Jews and Ansars. And Ikhlas means, to be free from … Read more

Who is Imam or Spiritual Guide in Islam

An Imam is one who is followed by people. Further, an Imam is one whose verbs (Islamic expressions) are followed by other people. Allah says in Holy Qur’an, “The day (of judgement) on which we will call all the people with their Spiritual Leaders (Imams)” (Al Qur’an Surah Banu Israel 71) IMAM ACCORDING TO AHLE-SUNNAH … Read more

Jannat Heaven Islam

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Heaven: The word “Jannah”  has been derived from the word “Jann” which means “to hide something”. Jannah (Heaven) is so called because its land has been hidden by the dense gardens & orchards. According to Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas ??? ????? ???? ??? , The word “Jannah”  is in plural terms because there are … Read more

Who is Considered Martyr in Islam

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Martyr, in Islamic terms, is a person who dies in the way of Allah i.e. by doing something for his religion. There is vast bounty for such a person. Immediately after dying, he is well honoured by angels, Huurs are presented to him & he is given the message of his eternal … Read more

Good and Bad Morals in Islam

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Allah ????? says in Qur’an: “Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.” [Al Qur’an 2:7] Hazrat Hazifa  ??? ????? ???? ??? narrates that Muhammad ?? ????? ???? ????  said: “Mischiefs (fitna) are presented … Read more

What is the Meaning of Imaan in Islam

* Hazrat Abdullah (???? ????? ) said that meaning of Imaan is the name of asserting something. * Hazrat Zahri (???? ?????  ) said that Imaan signifies action (amal). * Rabiya bin Anas (???? ????? ) said that Imaan means to fear. Thus combining all these, we get the meaning as follows: Believer (Momin) is … Read more

Saying Ameen in Islam

ASSALAM O ALAIKUM! Saying “Ameen” after Surah Al-Fatiha is righteous (or Mustahab) in Islam. “Ameen” can be examplified with “Yaseen”. It means “O Allah! Undertake my grants”. Righteousness (Mustahab) of saying “Ameen” is backed by the Hadith of Wail Bin Hajar (r.a.) narrated by Masnad Ahmad, Abu Dawood & Trimidhi (r.a.) According to him, “I heard … Read more