Who is Imam or Spiritual Guide in Islam

An Imam is one who is followed by people. Further, an Imam is one whose verbs (Islamic expressions) are followed by other people.

Allah says in Holy Qur’an,

“The day (of judgement) on which we will call all the people with their Spiritual Leaders (Imams)” (Al Qur’an Surah Banu Israel 71)


An Imam, according to Ahle Sunnat, is the person, whose obedience, in Islamic terms, is important for the believers or Momins. In this perspective, Prophets, Messengers, Pious Men and Imams of Nimaz are all Imams.

  • Messengers are Imams because Allah ????? made their obedience must for all the believers
  • Pious men are Imams because Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ???? made their obedience must for all the believers.
  • Spiritual Leaders or Imams of Nimaz are so called because Hazrat Anas ??? ???? ???? ??? narrates that Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ???? said, “Imam (of Nimaz) is Imam so that he may be followed. When he may stand or halt for Nimaz, you should also stand, when he genuflects, you should genuflect, when he prostrates, you should prostrate.”
  • Head of all Muslims is also called Imam. But there are many conditions. For example, his acts should be according to Sheriah.

Any mistake on my part may please be forgiven.


19th December 2015

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