Allama Ragab Asfahani writes, “Immaculate or Khalis means, Clean, Something having impurity and this impurity if taken off, this it will be called Immaculate or Khalis.

In Qur’an, Muslims are named as Mukhlis or Immaculate because they are free and pure from the practices of Jews and Ansars. And Ikhlas means, to be free from everything excepr Allah.

The prayer which is free from show-off is Ikhlas.

According to Junaid Bagdadi, “There is a secret between Allah and Ikhlas. Neither Angels are aware of it so that they may write it, nor Devils know so that they may impure and nor Will knows so that it may deviate it.

Abu al Qasim Fasheri narrates that Muhammad (sal allah ho alaihi wasallim) said to Jibreal, “What is Ikhlas?” He said, “I asked Allah about Ikhlas. He said that Ikhlas is a secret between me and my beloved men.”

Allama Ibu Alhayan Andalsi writes,
Sayed bin Jer said, “Ikhkas means, not to associate anybody with Allah and also not to show your deeds (good) to anybody.
Fazeel bin Ayaz said, “Omitting some good deed because of people is show-off and doing some deed because of people is polytheism (Shirk) and Ikhlas is that Allah may protect you from both.”

Ibn e Moaz wrote,”Ikhlaq is, to separate good deds from bad ones similarly as milk is seperated from blood aad dung.”

According to Abu Yaqoob Al Maqfuf, “Ikhlas is, to hide one’s good deeds similarly as one hides his sins.”

According to Abu Sulaiman Aldarani,”There are three signs of priggish (Rayakar):
1. He tires from prayer when he is alone.
2. He is healthy on prayers among the people.
3. He does good deeds more upon being admired.

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