Who is Considered Martyr in Islam


Martyr, in Islamic terms, is a person who dies in the way of Allah i.e. by doing something for his religion.

There is vast bounty for such a person. Immediately after dying, he is well honoured by angels, Huurs are presented to him & he is given the message of his eternal bliss.

Allah ????? says in Qur’an:

“Indeed, those who say, ‘Our Lord, (is) Allah ?????’, then stand firm- will descend on them the Angels, ‘(Do) not fear, & (do) not grieve but recieve the glad tidings of Heaven which were promised’.” [Al Qur’an 41:31]

There are three types of Martyrs:

* One who died for the sake of Allah ????? & his religion. Such a person is Martyr for both this world & after world.

* One who died, not for Islam, but for possession, his life, his honour etc. is martyr only for the worlmd & not for after world.

* One who died of drowning or stomach ache will be a Martyr only for after world & not for the men of this world.

The first two types of Martyrs won’t need the last bath (???) as well as shroud (???). They should be put in the grave as they are, in the same fibres, they were wearing.

Any mistake, on my part, if found, may please be forgiven.