Patience and Prayer in Islam and Benefits

Allah ????? says in Qur’an regarding patience and prayer:

“& seek help from patience & prayer , & verily, Prayer is certainly laden, but for those who bow before me by heart (not only practically) ¤
Those who have faith that they have to meet their Lord & have to return to Him (Allah ?????) ¤” [Al Qur’an 2:44-46]

patience and prayer-articles

These verses convey that when one has some desire, he should seek the help of patience & prayer.

Patience is the ethical & moral competitor of the adversity & affliction. A person cannot remain intact on truth & just decision without patience.



There are three types of patience.

¡) To abstain bodily desire at the time of distress.

¡¡) To remain constant & invariable in the toil & travail of worship.

¡¡¡) To abstain oneself from the attraction of others (property, prosperity etc.)

Some interpreters (??????) believe that patience also means fasting, because fasting is also a type of patience.

In this verse, it is advised to seek the help of prayer (along with the patience), because prayer is the comprehensive of corporal & bodily desire.

With the prayer one attains Qurb-E-Ilahi.

Prophet Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ???? would engage himself in prayer at the time of distress.

Moreover, this verse also conveys that the bounty of patience & prayer is only for the believer (????) & pious (????) & not for others (like Impious, Pagan, Polytheist, Double faced etc.).

Any mistake on my part may please be forgiven.


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