Kinds of Humans in Islamic Perspective

Humans on the earth can be divided on the basis of their deeds in Islamic perspective.

There are four types of humans in the world-

1. Muslim:- Who believes the existence of Allah ????? & prophethood of Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ????.

2. Qafir (pagan/athiest):-Who doesn’t believe in the existence of Allah ?????.

3. Mushrik (polytheist):- Who believes in the existence of many gods.

4. Munafiq (double faced):- Worst of all. One who, pretends to be a Muslim but in real has no faith in Allah  ?????. A munafiq will reside in the deepest of Hell.

Except Muslim, all others will go to Hell & will have to live there foreover.


Muslim is also divided into two types-

* FASIQ   (impious)
* MOMIN (believer)


1- FASIQ (impious) is one who commits blunders. There are three levels of Fasiq:

¡) TAGABI: When a person commits blunders but simultaneously knows about what he is doing.

¡¡) INHAMAK: One who commits blunders but does not trouble to abstain from them.

¡¡¡) HAJUD: One who assumes the forbidden (????) as good & became its habitual. At this level he aparts from Islam.

FASIQ is of two types-

a) FASIQ-FIL-AMAL:- One whose belief is right but his deeds are against Sheriah.
He can go out of the bounds of Islam because of his acts.
But as principles of such a person are in accordance with Sheriah, he can become a believer & thus enter Heaven.

a) FASIQ-FIL-AQEEDA:- The beliefs of such a person are in contrast to Sheriah thus cannot become a Momin, though he does good.
His deeds are of no use. It is very difficult for such a person to attain the right path due to his wrong doctrines which can lead him to apart from Islam.

2-MOMIN (believer) is one who does everything in accordance with Sheriah & for the satisfaction of Allah ?????.


Like Fasiq (Impious), Momin goes through a series of developments that ultimately makes him the heavenly (Jannati)

a) A Momin, with his piousness & hard worship reaches the level of QALB-E-ANABAT (repetance/touba).

b) After attaing perfection in QALB-E-ANABAT, he reaches the level of NAFS-E-LAWAMA.

c) With his great hardships & worships, he attains the level of NAFS-E-MUT’MAY’YINA. At this stage, he is satisfied with what he has & has no bodily desire.

d) After getting perfection in NAFS-E-MUT’MAY’YINA, he reaches the level of NAFS-E-RADIYYA. At this stage he gets absolute satisfaction with Allah ?????.

e) Now he is further promoted to the level of NAFS-E-MARDIYYA. At this stage, Allah ????? gets satisfied with him.

e) He attains MUKAAM-E-ABDIYYAT. He becomes the Man of Allah ?????.

f) Ultimately, with his great & hard worships, he becomes the Heavenly or Ahle-Jannat (Jannati).

This is the eternal, real & apt destiny of man.

Any mistake on my part, may please be forgiven.


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