Humans on the earth can be divided on the basis of their deeds in Islamic perspective.

There are four types of humans in the world-

1. Muslim:- Who believes the existence of Allah عزوجل & prophethood of Muhammad صل الله علیه وسلم.

2. Qafir (pagan/athiest):-Who doesn’t believe in the existence of Allah عزوجل.

3. Mushrik (polytheist):- Who believes in the existence of many gods.

4. Munafiq (double faced):- Worst of all. One who, pretends to be a Muslim but in real has no faith in Allah  عزوجل. A munafiq will reside in the deepest of Hell.

Except Muslim, all others will go to Hell & will have to live there foreover.


Muslim is also divided into two types-

* FASIQ   (impious)
* MOMIN (believer)


1- FASIQ (impious) is one who commits blunders. There are three levels of Fasiq:

¡) TAGABI: When a person commits blunders but simultaneously knows about what he is doing.

¡¡) INHAMAK: One who commits blunders but does not trouble to abstain from them.

¡¡¡) HAJUD: One who assumes the forbidden (حرآم) as good & became its habitual. At this level he aparts from Islam.

FASIQ is of two types-

a) FASIQ-FIL-AMAL:- One whose belief is right but his deeds are against Sheriah.
He can go out of the bounds of Islam because of his acts.
But as principles of such a person are in accordance with Sheriah, he can become a believer & thus enter Heaven.

a) FASIQ-FIL-AQEEDA:- The beliefs of such a person are in contrast to Sheriah thus cannot become a Momin, though he does good.
His deeds are of no use. It is very difficult for such a person to attain the right path due to his wrong doctrines which can lead him to apart from Islam.

2-MOMIN (believer) is one who does everything in accordance with Sheriah & for the satisfaction of Allah عزوجل.


Like Fasiq (Impious), Momin goes through a series of developments that ultimately makes him the heavenly (Jannati)

a) A Momin, with his piousness & hard worship reaches the level of QALB-E-ANABAT (repetance/touba).

b) After attaing perfection in QALB-E-ANABAT, he reaches the level of NAFS-E-LAWAMA.

c) With his great hardships & worships, he attains the level of NAFS-E-MUT’MAY’YINA. At this stage, he is satisfied with what he has & has no bodily desire.

d) After getting perfection in NAFS-E-MUT’MAY’YINA, he reaches the level of NAFS-E-RADIYYA. At this stage he gets absolute satisfaction with Allah عزوجل.

e) Now he is further promoted to the level of NAFS-E-MARDIYYA. At this stage, Allah عزوجل gets satisfied with him.

e) He attains MUKAAM-E-ABDIYYAT. He becomes the Man of Allah عزوجل.

f) Ultimately, with his great & hard worships, he becomes the Heavenly or Ahle-Jannat (Jannati).

This is the eternal, real & apt destiny of man.

Any mistake on my part, may please be forgiven.