Importance of Prostration in Islam

There are two types of prostration (????):

* Prostration of Worship (???? ?????)
Prostration of Reverence (???? ????)

1. Prostration of Worship is strictly for the Allah ????? because this prostration is for worship only & worship is for Allah ????? only.
This prostration can never be performed for any other than Allah ?????.
No Sheriah ever (from Adam ???? ???? to Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ????) allowed such prostration (i.e. to one except Allah ?????.)

2. Prostration of Reverence is performed for acceptance of venerability (?????)  of the worshiper.
e.g. Angels prostrated to Adam ???? ???? on the order of Allah ?????. This prostration was not of worship but for the reverence of the angels.

This prostration is old. Such prostration was permissible in preceding Sheriahs (of Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ????) but was forbidden in the Sheriah of Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ????.

When Hazrat  Sulaiman ???? ???? expressed his desire to prostrate to Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ????, he was denied to do so by Muhammad ?? ???? ???? ???? saying that creation of Allah ????? should not prostrate to any other but Allah ????? only.(Madarik)

Hence prostrating to any grave, saint, political leader etc. though not performed with the intentions of Worship, is forbidden.

We should bow before our Creator only and thus should be well aware of the importance of prostration in Islam

Any mistake on my part may please be forgiven.