Defining Islamic Terms and Definitions

There is often a lot of chaos & confusion in understanding some terms in Canon of Islam, so I will try to make it easy for you to understand them.

Who is Messenger?

Messenger or Pegambar or Rasool is one who brings about a Canon & propagates the same. As a result the previous Canons (of preceding Messenger) is negated by the new one.

e.g. The Canon of Prophet Esa ???? ?????? was negated by the Canon of Muhammad

?. Now every Christian must accept the Canon of Muhammad ? in order to attain the apt path.

(A Muslim boy can marry a Christian girl, although she does not convert to Islam. Nikah will be considered to be apt in Canon)

There are 5 main Messengers of Allah whose we can recite Kalma.

1. Prophet Adam ???? ??????
2. Prophet Nuuh  ???? ??????
3. Prophet Musa ???? ??????
4. Prophet Esa???? ??????
5. Prophet Muhammad ?

(Prophet Dawood ???? ?????? is also considered to be one them.)

Who is Prophet?

Prophet or Nabi is one who does not bring a new Canon but preaches & propagates the Canon of the preceding Messenger.

Hence every Messenger is Prophet but every Prophet is not Messenger.

Who is Saint or Wali?

The word “Wali” has been derived from an Arabic word that means “Friend”.

A Saint or Wali of Allah is one who has four basic qualities:
1. He is strictly adhered to Canon.
2. He is abode by one of the four chains viz.
* Qadri
* Naqshbandi
* Chishti
* Sohrvardi
3. His principles are apt.
4. He strictly follows the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ?

(Gous-e-Azam is known as the chief of Saints)

¡) The divine power of Prophet or Messenger is known as his Maojza. e.g. Prophet Musa ???? ?????? had his club through which he performed divine acts.

¡¡) The divine power of a Saint or Wali is known as Karamat. Not every Saint or Wali has Karamat. A Believer can still be a Saint or Wali, if he has not Karamat.

Who is Molvi?

A Molvi in Islam is the one who is capable of bringing about the answers & solutions from Qur’an.

(Every person having beard & wearing cap is not Molvi.)

Who is Alim or Knowledged?

In Islam, an educated or Alim is one who has sufficient knowledge of Islam so as to live his life in accordance with the same.

(Hazrat Ali said, “The most difficult task for a Muslim is to act upon the knowledge he has!)

Any mistake on my part may please be forgiven.


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