Angel, Man and Jinn


I am going to explain some facts about the  creations of Allah ?????.

Angels are the creations of Allah ????? that He made with Divine Light (Noor). They are innocent (i.e. they can’t commit a sin even if they desire)
They have no bodily desire. Their only purpose is to remember Allah ?????.
They can change their appearance.
They are countless in number. This can be guessed by the fact that at one instance 70,000 angels perform Tawaf of Bait-ul-Mama’ur (Masjid above Kaba) & can never do that again!
Gibra’el ???? ???? is the head of Angels.

They are also the creations of Allah ?????.  They are made of fire. They have tendency to change their appearance & also have bodily desire. Their strength is 9 times more than that of humans.
Their foid is bone & faecal matter of animals like horse.
A normal jinn is lower in status to Angel. Muslim jinns with their hard worships, become Angels
E.g. Iblees (he was a jinn namely Azazeel),
Harut & Marut (the bringers of Magic on earth).

3. MAN
They are not innocent (except Prophets & Messengers). Even Auliya Allah are not innocent, because they have bodily desire.
Man is above all the creations of Allah ????? (Ashraf-ul-Makhlukat).
He is made up of soil.
A normal man is above a normal angel & a pious man is above the pious angel.

Any mistake on my part, if found, may please be forgiven.