Facts About Holy Quran

* According to Hazrat Qatada (r.a.)  Surah Al Baqra, Surah Al Imran, Surah Nisa, Surah Ma’eda, Surah Baraat, Surah Raa’d, Surah Nahal, Surah Hajj, Surah Nuur, Surah Ahzab, Surah Muhammad, Surah Fatah, Surah Hijra’t, Surah Rahman, Surah Hadeed, Surah Mujadila, Surah Hashar, Surah Mumtahna, Surah Saff, Surah Juma, Surah Munafiqoon, Surah Tagabin, Surah Talaaq, Surah Tehreem, Surah Zilzaal & Surah Nasar of Holy Quran were alighted in Mecca.

* Rest of the Surah were alighted in Madina.

* There are about 6000 verses in Qur’an. There is controversy on the numbers that exceed 6000.

* There are 3,40,740 letters in Qur’an (HAJJAJ)

* The mid-point of Qur’an is on “Fa” of “Wal-ytalattafu” (Surah Kahaf).

* There are 7 Manazil in Qur’an.

# 1st Manzil:- 1st 3 Surah of Qur’an.
# 2nd Manzil:- Succeeding 5 Surah.
# 3rd Manzil:- Succeeding 7 Surah.
# 4th Manzil:- Succeeding 9 Surah.
# 5th Manzil:- Succeeding 11 Surah.
# 6th Manzil:- Succeeding 13 Surah.
# 7th Manzil:- Succeeding all Surah (from Surah Qaaf to Surah Naas).

Any mistake, on my part, if found, may please be forgiven.