The Tsunami Class 8 Summary & Explanation in English


A compilation of short-stories of tsunami devastation

Part I

Ignesious, a cooperative society manager, had lost his wife and kids in a devastating tsunami. Sanjeev, a policeman, saved his daughter and his wife from the waves, but suddenly he heard the cries of John’s wife. He jumped into the water, and both were swept away. Meghna was also swept in the ocean. She spent two days holding on to a door. Finally, she survived.

Almas Javed’s father saw the receding water and alarmed everyone. While running away, her grandfather was hit in the head by something, and when his dad went to help him, both were washed away. Almas’ mom also drowned, only she was saved. It was a traumatizing event for Almas.

Part II

Tilly Smith was a ten-year-old school girl. Her family had come to Thailand to celebrate Christmas. An earthquake-triggered deadly tsunami waves. When the water was receding, Tilly remembered her geography lesson that she had read two weeks back.

Her geography teacher had shown her a video of the tsunami that hit the Hawaiian shore in 1946. Tilly started to scream as she foresaw the tsunami. Her parents ran and took refuge on the third floor of a building. Tilly and his family were saved. She went back to England and narrated the horrifying take to her classmates.

Part III

All the animals seemed to know what would happen that day. Elephants ran for higher grounds; flamingos left their low-lying breeding grounds, dogs refused to go outdoors. It seemed like they knew what was going to happen in future. Many people believe that animals know what will happen as they possess a sixth sense.

Giant waves came and killed around 1.5 lakh people. Most of the animals saved their lives. Only two water buffaloes died in Patanangala beach, where sixty visitors perished. A Sri Lankan man was saved by his dogs who refused to go for a daily walk on the beach that day.