Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory Class 8 Summary & Explanation in English

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Bepin Babu is tricked by his friend Chunilal into believed that he has lost a major part of his memory.        


Bepin Choudhury would buy books every Monday from Kalicharan’s in New Market. One day, he noticed that someone was watching him. It was a round-faced man. The man claimed that he had arranged a car to take Bepin Choudhury to Hudroo falls. His name was Primal Ghose.

Bepin Babu realized that the man was mistaken. He had never been to Ranchi.  Mr Ghose told Bepin Babu that he also fell in Hudroo falls and cut on his right knee. He also mentioned Mr Dinesh Mukerji, who was also in Ranchi at that time. Mr Ghose also mentioned some other events that happened in Ranchi. Bepin Babu did not pay any heed to Mr Ghose’s explanations and went out of the shop.


Bepin Babu told his driver to drive by the Ganga. While travelling, he had this thought in his mind. Was he getting mad? The man knew a great deal about him. The man told him everything correctly except his visit to Ranchi. He thought that he had never been to Ranchi. Bepin Babu thought that he was in Kanpur at that time. Suddenly, he rolled up his pant, and there was a mark on his right knee.

Bepin Babu decided to ask Dinesh Mukerji, but he thought that what if Dinesh himself had not been to Ranchi? What would he think of Bepin Babu? He decided not to ask. 

The next day, Bepin Babu called Dinesh to ask about the incident. Dinesh told him that they were in Ranchi in 1958. Bepin Babu slammed the receiver, and his head started to float. He had lost his appetite.


After lunch, Bepin Babu thought of that particular incident. He tried to gather his wits. He had no head injury that might cause him to lose his memory then. How could he not remember this particular incident; this question ran through his mind.

At seven-thirty, Chunilal visited him for a job; Bepin Babu decided to see Chuni as he might remember something about his Ranchi trip. He asked Chuni if he had visited Ranchi in 1958.

Chuni asked Bepin Babu if he was on drugs? Chunni booked his railway tickets for Ranchi, yet Bepin Babu did not know if he had visited Ranchi. Dr Chanda, a young doctor, came to see Bepin Babu. Dr Chanda advised Bepin Babu to revisit Ranchi so that the sight may bring his memory back.


He arrived in Ranchi the next day and decided to go to Hudroo falls. He observed that everything was new to him and he had never visited this place before. Two Gujrati gentlemen found him unconscious. He travelled back to Calcutta and ranged Dr Chandra. He received a letter which had his name written over it. It was from Chunilal. He had written to Bepin Babu that he would be all right. It was revealed to Bepin Babu that Chunilal had played a trick on him.