The Great Stone Face Part 1 Class 8 Short Summary & Explanation in English


The Great Stone Face resembled a human face and everyone was curious to find that man. Will he come?

Miles Away!

At dusk, a mother and her son were looking at a mountain that was miles away. The Great Stone Face was an arrangement of rocks so that from a certain distance, they resembled a human face. If someone went too near, all he could see was huge rocks lying one above the other.

The Great Face was also held responsible for the valley’s fertility as it oversaw everything from that height. Ernest told his mother that he wished to speak to the Great Stone Face. Its voice must be pleasant, and if he ever finds a man with that face, he would love him very much.

As prophesized, the mother told him that a man with similar facial features would be born near, and he would be the noblest man of his time. Ernest hoped to live to see that man.

A Rich Merchant

Ernest grew up to be a normal boy. In his idle time, he would sit and gaze at The Great Face for hours. It became a teacher to him. 

Mr Gathergold, a man, born in the valley who had shifted to a distant seaport, had come to the valley to spend his life. He bore a resemblance to the Great Stone Face. Mr Gathergold was extremely wealthy.  Ernest did not show much interest in Mr Gathergold. He looked back at the mountain.

A Commander

Years passed by, and Ernest would still gaze at the mountain. Mr Gathergold was dead, and his wealth melted way like gold. The people had now declared that there was no greatness attached with Mr Gathergold.

Another son of soil named Blood-and-Thunder, had also left the valley at a tender age and become a commander. He was also to return, so the villagers gathered to see his face. Upon his arrival, Ernest again showed no interest, and it seemed like the mountain was whispering to Ernest that the man with the same face is yet to come.