This is Jody’s Fawn Class 8 Summary & Explanation in English


Jody’s father was bitten by a rattlesnake. He killed a doe to suck out the poison but what about the fawn that they orphaned?

Part I

A rattlesnake bit Jody’s father. Jody’s family killed a doe and used its liver to draw out the poison. Jody was not talking to his father. He assured that Jody had done the right thing and was more thoughtful than boys of his age. Jody asked his father to think of the fawn.

Jody’s family orphaned it, and according to his father, it was their duty to raise the fawn. Jody was permitted by his father to find that fawn. Jody went with Mill-wheel to find the fawn. Jody assured everyone that he would be back before dinner. 

Part II

Jody was confident that he would find the fawn. Upon reaching the biting spot, Jody had a change of mind. He thought that he would not be able to see if the fawn was dead, and he certainly would not like to share such a beautiful meeting with someone else if the fawn was alive. So, he decided to go on foot. It was very silent in the bushes. Suddenly, buzzards rose on the carcass of the doe. There were no traces of the fawn.

Part III

After some time, he found the fawn. He came close to it and fondled him. They carried the fawn to the roadside. The fawn now belonged to him. Jody picked up the fawn and went to his father’s room. His father was happy that he had found the fawn. They fed the fawn and raised it afterwards.