A Visit to Cambridge Class 8 Summary & Explanation in English


A meeting between two ignited minds

The Priceless Appointment

The narrator met Stephen Hawking in England. While on tour, the guide mentioned Stephan’s name, and the narrator wanted to meet him. He called his assistant and asked for an appointment. The narrator was talking to him the next day. He felt guilty as every time he asked Stephan Hawking a question, he had to type in a computer to respond. 

Disability: A Curse

The narrator thought that he was talking to the most beautiful man in the world. At first, he is like a photograph. The narrator asked him a question as to what was the best thing about being disabled, to which he replied that being disabled was not good. The narrator told him that he was inspiring many people out there, to which he showed no interest. Being disabled, one should focus on the things he is good at, according to him.

Tea and Garden

He offered tea to the narrator (Firdaus Kanga) and showed him the garden. While departing, the narrator knew that Stephen was waving him a goodbye though he was not. This meeting with Stephen Hawking revealed some of the best perspectives of life to Firdaus.