Glimpses of the Past Class 8 Summary & Explanation in English

The Company’s Conquest

  1. Britishers, extended its power in 18th century in India.
  2. Indian prince’s own rivalry caused the up rise of the British Empire.
  3. Tipo Sultan, a far-sighted ruler fought the British Armies with full valor.
  4. Indian people linked the ravage of Britisher with their destiny and God.

British Rule

  1. Bad practices like untouchability were prevalent in Indian Culture.
  2. The British took advantage of their naïve nature.
  3. The British ways of manufacture destroyed Indian Industries.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

  1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy observed what was wrong with the society and decided to introduce some major reforms.
  2. He believed that knowledge should be scientific and practical.
  3. He went to England and told the British they if they were rulers then they must accept the Indians as subjects.


The British paid no heed to his appeals and continued to jail Indians without any notice.


  1. Macaulay, an Englishman suggested that Indian must be taught English.
  2. This education produced a little generation of intellectuals that thought that they must educate their brethren.
  3. By 1856, British had whole of the India under their control.
  4. The Indians were now thinking of driving them out.

The Sparks

  1. High taxes caused many workers to lose their lands to the British.
  2. The English sepoys were drawing huge salaries while the Indians were given a meager salary.
  3. The Indians were also made to do things that were against their will.
  4. The use of cow and pig fat in the gun also cause huge discontent among Muslim and Hindu sepoys.


  1. The revolt broke out in Meerut.
  2. Bahadur Shah was the Indian commander-in-chief.

The Fight for Freedom

  1. Many former leaders joined the protest.
  2. Battles were fought all over north-India.