The Selfish Giant Class 8 Short Summary & Explanation in English


A Giant scolded kids for breaching his privacy but had to allow them later to play in his private garden. What made him do so?

The Angry Giant

After attending school, children used to visit a beautiful garden owned by a Giant. One day, while the children were playing, the Giant returned from his friend’s house and scolded them all. They all ran away. The Giant built high walls around the garden to keep it private. After the Giant ousted all the kids, spring and blossom never visited the garden. They tried to play outside, but they did not like the smoke and dust.

No Spring

Birds stopped to sing in the garden, and the only thing that now visited the garden was winter and frost. They also invited hail and wind to visit the garden. The Giant was very worried about his garden. Autumn decided to give fruits to all the garden in the vicinity except the Giant’s garden because he was too selfish. One day, the Giant heard a bird singing in his garden, and he thought that spring had come at last.

The Pious Kid

The Giant saw that the children had crept inside the garden through a hole. He realized that the spring and blossom come only with the presence of the kids. He also observed that a corner of the garden still had frost and winter. He went to help a little kid climb up the tree.

After helping the kid, that grey tree turned green at once. The Giant knocked down the wall he once built. The Giant loved the kids and played with them every day. He searched for his little friend (the kid he helped to climb the tree), but he was nowhere to be found. 

The Heavenly Garden

Years went by, and the Giant grew old and feeble. One day he found a boy standing near the same tree in the corner. He ran toward him and saw that the boy had wounds on his hands and feet. He asked the boy what happened, and the boy invited him to his garden in paradise (he was dead). The other kids returned to play and saw the Giant dead and covered with white blossoms.