The Fight Class 8 Short Summary & Explanation in English


Ranji and a stranger had a brawl to claim the ownership of a pool. Read the whole story to know who won.

Hot Summer!

Rajpur had a very dry summer that year. Ranji came here less than a month ago and had no friends. It was very hot, and Ranji found a pool in the forest. The water was translucent. It was absolute bliss for Ranji. It was a pool that had no intention to dry up. Ranji at once jumped into the pool. He had never seen such a pool.

The Stranger

The next day, Ranji went to the pool again. While resting, he saw another guy who was taller and thicker than him. He asked Ranji what he was doing there. Ranji tried to be friendly, but the other guy had no such intention.

He proclaimed himself to be a warrior, while Ranji declared himself as a fighter. They started fighting and continued till both of them got exhausted. They both looked at each other and decided to continue the fight the next day.

Kill or Die

While Ranji was having a banana smoothie at a stall, his enemy passed him, and both looked at each other with ferocity. Ranji and his enemy (the stranger) both went to the pool the next day as neither of them was willing to accept defeat. They both threw challenges at each other from both ends of the pool.

The stranger dared Ranji to swim through the pool and fight him. Ranji dived, and this made the stranger curious. He asked if Ranji would tell him how to dive. Ranji told him, and he crashed himself in the water.

Let’s Be Friends

The stranger asked Ranji to train him to dive. Ranji agreed. The stranger’s name was Suraj. He was a pahelwan. He invited Ranji to eat with him and help him to dive. In return, he would make Ranji thick and muscular. Both became friends.