Jalebis Class 8 Short Summary & Explanation in English


A little boy had to pay his school fee but ate jalebis instead. He prayed to God to give him four rupees so that he could pay his fee.

No Jalebis

When the narrator was in the fifth standard, he received money to pay his school fee, but the cashier was absent. The coins started to whisper in his ears to entice the narrator to eat jalebis instead. The narrator told the coin that he must pay the school fee; otherwise, Master Ghulam Mohammed would make him stand in the class.


The coin started to make huge noises. The coins tried their best to convince the narrator, but he came home. While having lunch, the narrator changed his mind and ran toward the halwai. He ordered jalebis worth one rupee.


He ate a lot of jalebis that day. He had so many jalebis that he started to distribute it among the kids in the street. Soon, a huge crowd gathered, and he spent all the four rupees on buying jalebis and distributing it among the kids on the street and went home.

Now he suffered from stomach ache as he had eaten a lot of jalebis. On the second day, the narrator found out that the scholarship for that month would be paid the next month. So he had no money to pay his fee. He left the school and kept on walking.

God’s Gift

He sat under a tree near the railway platform. He pondered that everything was simple in the beginning, but now it had become so complex. He prayed to God to give him four rupees by offering namaaz, but there were no four rupees.

The next day he went to the same spot and offered prayer. He asked for four rupees from God. He went away and hoped that God would place four rupees under the stone. But when he lifted the stone. He found two worms. 

The report of his absence reached his home, and what happened after that, the narrator has left it up to our imagination.