Yonamine and Bushi Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 6th


Yonamine Chiru, a beautiful, tall and well-trained girl in Karate searches for a husband as strong as her. When she finally meets him and marries him, unknowingly she teaches him a valuable lesson.

Fair Fight

Yonamine wanted to marry a man who could defeat her in a fair fight. So, many men came forward to fight and win the girl with great fortune. Yonamine vanquished all of the talented young wrestlers who tried their luck. Her father was distraught. Young guys desired to marry cooks and housewives who for their husbands, wash and make tea. Who would you want to marry a girl who liked to wrestle?

Bushi Kiyo was just the man. Sakugawa, a karate teacher, had trained him. He proved to be such an expert that ShoKo, the King of Okinawa, hired him to serve as his personal guard. Bushi was keen to marry a girl like Yonamine. He did not want a delicate, fragile girl for a wife. Yonamine too was impressed by Bushi.

The match between the two commenced and they fought vigorously. Everyone assumed that it would end in a tie but Bushi took advantage of Yonamine’s slow moment and brought her down with a swift punch. Yonamine’s father was a very happy man. Bushi and Yonamine were married in a splendid ceremony.

The Bandit

The two were happily married and Yonamine did all the housework lovingly. One day when she wanted to visit her father at night, Bushi tried to stop her as it was late and he feared she would get attacked by bandits. However, Yonamine was confident of her strength and skills and she went out. Bushi in an attempt to teach her a lesson disguised himself as a bandit and followed her.

When the time was right, he attacked her. But Bushi did not expect Yonamine to retaliate so powerfully and overpower him. She not only kicked him unconscious but also tied him to the tree with her sash and went ahead casually.

The next day, as she was returning home in the afternoon, she saw her ‘bandit’ still tied to the tree, as she had left him the previous night. When he apologised, she released him and hurried to her house to prepare a meal for her husband, little did she know she just untied him. 

That evening when Bushi returned all tired and worn out, he returned her sash to Yonamine playfully and upon realising the whole event they both burst out laughing. 


Yonamine and Bushi were both equally strong opponents, however one had to lose. Bushi learned a rather valuable lesson that he should not underestimate anyone and especially Yonamine just because she is a woman.