Stone Soup Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 6th


 A short play in which a savvy traveller after being refused meals by inhospitable villagers, cooks an ingenious plan to satiate his empty stomach.

Their Ploys

In a village, a few villagers, Motiram, Sonabai, Hirabai and Rupabai are chatting and complaining about travellers stopping by for meals and rest. Unaware that a traveller is hearing this conversation they reveal their tricks and how they avoid such uninvited guests. The traveller is cautioned and knows he can not expect my hospitality from this lot, however, he still proceeds to try in hopes of some kindness.

He first knocks on Motiram’s door and faces brutal rejection for his simple request. He then knocks on Sonabai’s door where she very smartly pretends to be hard of hearing. His next attempt was Hirabai, who pretends to speak a different language and not understand him. 

The traveller understands all their ploys and decides to hatch his own now. Finally, he knocks on Rupabai’s door and is not surprised to receive rejection again but this time he came prepared. 

The Traveller’s Tactic

This time when Rupabai denies him a meal saying that she herself has had nothing to eat and is hungry, the traveller effectuates his tactic. He tells her that he has a magic stone that can cook a delicious soup for both of them, all she had to spare was a big pot and some water. Rupabai allured by the idea of watching some magic agrees to lend him the items. Other neighbours peep out from their windows and watch quietly but curiously. 

The traveller begins to stir the pot sniffing and pretending to enjoy the aroma. He then slowly starts to further implement his plan and comments that the soup would taste amazing if only there were some potatoes. Rupabai ignorant of his scheme fetches the potatoes. Then slowly one by one the traveller tricks the rude and oblivious villagers into contributing some vegetable or spice, thus adding to the soup’s flavour. 

At last after adding all the vegetables and spices, the traveller comments on the deliciousness of the soup to the awestruck villagers. The villagers amazed that a stone can cook such a flavourful soup are happy to be witnesses of such magic. When Motiram asks if the stone melts away, the traveller reveals that it does not and you can indeed cook it without the stone!


There was no magic but only a smart scheme of the traveller that earned him a meal. If only the villagers were welcoming and intelligent, they would not have been tricked like this. The moral can be understood as sharing is caring. One must be charitable and hospitable.