The Silver House Poem Summary and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 6th


The four stanzas poem talks about a beautiful silver house in the sky in which lives a man. The poem follows an abcb rhyme scheme.

First Stanza

There’s a silver house in the lovely sky, 
As round as a silver crown; 
It takes two weeks to build it up, 
And two to pull it down.

The sky is lovely and holds a beautiful silver house which the poet claims,  is round like a silver British coin. The house is none other than the moon and the phases of the moon and it’s appearance are described. The moon slowly starts to appear and the house is building and then it begins to get ready to go away.

Second Stanza

There’s a man who lives in the silver house, 
In a lonely sort of way; 
But what his name is no one knows, 
Or no one likes to say.

The poet elaborates on his imagination and introduces the idea of a man living in the silver house. The spots on the moon often become the canvas  of many persons imaginations with them picturing various shapes and objects. The man there is lonely and mysterious, for no one knows his name and those that know, abstain from revealing.

Third Stanza

Yet when you go to bed tonight, 
Just draw the window blind, 
And peep out at the silver moon, 
This lonely man to find.

In the third stanza, the poet shares that before going to bed one can sneak a peek of this lonely man by looking up and gazing at the moon.

Fourth Stanza

But if his house is taken down,
And all the sky is bare, 
Then go to bed, because, of course, 
The poor man won’t be there.

The poet finally concludes by saying that if the sky is bare, meaning that the moon is hidden, one must go to bed and sleep as there is no point in searching for the man as his house is taken down.