A Kabaddi Match Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 6th


Kabaddi is an ancient sport. It originated in India and has now become popular in many countries. Many international events are organized. The chapter narrates an interesting commentary of a kabaddi match hosted between 9A and B. 


The school sports competition was set for the following month. The warm-up bouts had already started. 9 B had solid players. The Kabaddi trials were in full swing. In class 9 A this year, there were three new students. They turned out to be exceptional players.  9 A’s hopes were soaring. When the game began, the crowd erupted in applause, boosting the spirits of both teams. 9 A won the toss and sent Govind, their raider. He was so quick that before the opponents could react, he had already touched Suresh from 9 B and a point was earned.

Ravi from 9 B was an excellent player. His grip was awfully strong and the other players were terrified of him. With the support of Mohan and Vinod, 9 B was unbeatable. Mangesh from 9 A was also strong. Everyone in the audience feared 9 A would lose Mangesh when he was wrestled down by Ravi and his companions. Mangesh, on the other hand, proved his worth. He saved himself and was also able to score three points for his team. Now, 9 B began to play cautiously.

When it was 9A’s Vivek’s turn, he managed to slip his leg beyond the midline with the anti-raiders still hanging on to his arm, leading to the whole 9 B team being declared out and earning 9A three bonus lona points. The key players of 9 A were full of confidence after the halftime break. They were able to apprehend the ace raiders Mohan, Ajinkya, and Ravi once more. In every aspect of Kabaddi, 9 A outplayed 9 B. Their team spirit, confidence, strategies, quickness, and suppleness all contributed to them defeating 9 B, who had never lost before.


The 9A team personifies the saying “Try and try until you succeed”. Even after constantly losing for so many years, they never gave up and came back even stronger.