The Peacock and the Crane Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 6th


An arrogant peacock is humbled by a simple looking crane. Is beauty everything? What exactly defines beauty? This story answers the questions.

Flying High

Once upon a time, there was an arrogant peacock with a stunning tail unlike any other bird. As a result, when the peacock came across a crane one day, he laughed at the crane’s colourless and boring feathers and promptly spread his own colourful tail for the crane to see and appreciate.

He boastfully exclaimed that his shiny feathers were far prettier than the white pale body of the crane. He believed that he was superior for he was dressed like a king. However, he crane was not hurt by these comments of the peacock and explained to the peacock that although simple in looks, he could fly high amongst the clouds and stars and explore the beautiful glories of earth while the peacock would remain on land like any other co-ck.

This gives a very deep moral that birds with fine feathers aren’t necessarily fine birds.


A very concise yet crisp story underlining the importance of humility. Beauty is not always looking pretty, it is also one’s behaviour and how they talk to others. Everyone is special in their own way, and while we must love ourselves, we must always remain humble and respect others.