Ad‘wise’ Customers Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 6th


Advertisements are given by owners of different companies to tell people about their products. Their aim is to make people buy those products. However, without realising consumers are manipulated by these advertisers. This chapter aims to call out such manipulators and aware readers while also preaching the importance of a healthy diet, self-love and confidence.

Krispy Krunchy!

The first example shared is a Krispy Krunchy chips advertisement. The ad promises to cheer whoever eats it regardless of what they are feeling. It constantly repeats the brand name for emphasis and uses creative and attractive images and language to draw attention and make the poster look appealing and tempting. 

However, these snacks are typically fried items with a high salt and spice level. They taste great, but they’re unhealthy if you eat them all the time. Developing children require a well-balanced and nourishing diet that includes a variety of cereals, legumes, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and milk, among other foods.


The second advertisement promotes a fairness cream brand named Hemagauri. The girl in the ad is upset and missing out on a party because she is dark and believes that she is ugly. The cream promises to solve this problem of hers by turning her skin fair in just five days and then she will look pretty. This is a very wrong mindset, to think dark is ugly and fair is pretty.

Who’s to declare that black isn’t beautiful? Your skin colour has no influence on your beauty. If you want others to adore your looks, it’s more significant to be healthy, polite, and neat. To have healthy, glowing skin, you should eat well, exercise regularly, rest well, and drink plenty of water. Never feel inferior or be self-conscious about your skin tone or appearance.


Advertisements are designed in a manner that when people see them, they are captivated. They desire to purchase the product, which is exactly what the creators intend. Is the counsel in the advertising, however, always sound advice? You should consider it carefully. You must think like a savvy shopper and select what to purchase, how much to purchase, and what not to purchase.