Sleep, My Treasure Poem Summary and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 6th


The mother sings a sweet lullaby for her child as she puts the baby to sleep. The poem has two stanzas and follows the aabccb rhyme scheme.

Stanza I

Sleep, sleep, my treasure,
The long day’s pleasure
Has tired the birds, to their nests they creep;
The garden still is
Alight with lilies,
But all the daisies are fast asleep.

The mother calls her precious baby her treasure and sings for him to sleep. The day was long and eventful and the tired birds have retired to their nests. In the garden, the lilies are awake but the daisies have succumbed to sleep.

Stanza II

Sleep, sleep, my darling,
Dawn wakes the starling,
The sparrow stirs when he sees day break;
But all the meadow
Is wrapped in shadow,
And you must sleep till the daisies wake! 

When dawn breaks, the starling awakes. The sparrow too begins to stir when the sun begins to ascend the horizon. Even then, the meadow is in darkness, and the baby must sleep till the daisies wake up.