A Wall Magazine for your Class! Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 6th


VI A students were always full of energy, whether it was for sports, hobbies, or studies. They astonished the rest of the school this year by publishing a wall magazine. The concept was so well appreciated that there were soon distinctive wall magazines in essentially every class at the school. This is how Class VI A planned and organised their wall magazine.

Making of the Magazine

Firstly, several children’s magazines and newspapers were studied by the students and class teacher of VI A after which a discussion was held in the class to choose sections for their own magazine. Stories, poems, puzzles, riddles, quizzes, study recommendations and even recipes were all featured. There were also pieces describing the accomplishments, doubts, and problems of the students. Teachers or parents assisted in the production of these columns.

The magazine would have at least four issues. For each issue, a different team would be formed. An editor, one or two sub-editors, illustrators and writers would constitute the team. Any student in the class could contribute to the project. The editors would choose which papers to publish, and their judgement would be final. With the guidance of the class teacher, the columns were created.

 In addition to the editorial teams, additional groups were formed to administer columns such as Craft Ideas, Recipes, ‘I need help!’, Science Corner, and so on. These groups were in charge of gathering information for their respective columns. The magazine was placed in a prominent spot in the classroom. Lastly, an extensive discussion was held to come up with a fine name for the magazine.


The chapter promotes the essence of teamwork and bonding between classmates, while also promoting creativity. Such sessions provide the children and teachers a break from the mundane school schedule and help in increasing morale and performance. Such sessions should be encouraged and welcomed by all and efforts must be made to include all the classmates.