The Nose Jewel Story Summary in English


The story “The Nose-Jewel” written by C. Rajagopalachari, revolves around the greedy nature of human beings and its consequences. In the story, we have Ramayya and his wife, who often fall into an ugly fight due to the lack of luxury. Ramayya is not rich, but he manages to earn enough money to run his house and support his family.

Their house is built of tiled roofs, on which two sparrows had built a nest. The male-sparrow wanted to help Ramayya after noticing their awful fights. However, the female-sparrow rejected the idea of interrupting in other’s personal lives and advised the male sparrow that they both should mind their own business.

A Diamond Nose Pin

One day the male-sparrow spotted a diamond nose pin in a muck-heap. He picked it up to offer it to his female sparrow. Instead of getting delighted, the female sparrow showed no interest in the ring and informed him that it was of no use to her. So, she asked him to bring some food for their baby birds, which was much more important than the ring.

The male-sparrow dropped the diamond stud on the floor and flew off in forage of the food. While sweeping the house floor, Ramayya wife discovered the ring and instead of investigating about the ring and it’s owner, she cheerfully wore it .

Ramayya was not delighted to see his wife wearing a ring, which doesn’t belonged to her. He was indignated and asked her that they would go and deliver it to the village magistrate. However, his wife was upset on the thought of detaching herself with the ring.

Diamond Belonged to their Neighbour

It was soon learned that the diamond nose jewel, actually belonged to Meenakshi Ammal’s daughter, who was a neighbour of Ramayya. Meenakshi’s daughter left the ring in her bathroom, and she suspected her housemaid, Kuppayi, for the theft of the ring. Meenakshi consoled her daughter not to inform about the lost stud to her father, Ramanatham.

But Ramanatham and the entire village were aware of the incident. Everyone suspected the maid servant for stealing the diamond ring. The police reached Kuppayi’s residence and after investigating, they found nothing. In this way, the police extended their investigation to other places and neighbouring houses.

Severe Fever

Meanwhile, Rammaya’s wife caught a severe fever and was bedridden. She hid the diamond ring in a box. The two birds observed everything and discussed among themselves that “we should never be greedy for what belongs to others”.

The female sparrow blamed the male sparrow for causing the distress in the village. But according to the Male sparrow, it was the greed of Ramayya’s wife, which was actually the main cause of their distress.

The two birds then decided that they would never mind any one’s business and then they flew off in search of their food. Nobody in the village bothered to suspect Ramayya wife for the theft of the ring Ramayya and his wife were never suspected, but they spent their lives with a never-ending terror of getting caught.

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