Being Safe Prose Summary 8th std [Samacheer Kalvi]

Brief Introduction

“BEING SAFE” is an imperative lesson highlighting various safety measures, that one should follow sincerely in their daily lives. The lesson begins with Prasanth, who visits his grandparents in Nagathi, a river island in Thanjavur District.

Prasanth always spends his vacation in his grandparent’s village, which is evergreen with mighty trees and beautiful landscapes. Prasanth is always amused by his grandfather’s knowledge, because of his experience and journey to many parts of the country.

On hearing the news of Prasanth’s arrival to the village, his friends become very curious and they comes to pick up him to play outside. However the grandfather is very concerned about the children’s safety, so he gives some of his advice regarding the safety measures. Written in a simple conversational style, the lesson is divided into three major sections.

Section 1

Section 1 is a group conversation among Sundar, Grandpa, Ravi, Peter, Jaffer, Mani and Gandhi. They are mainly discussing about the Road Safety Rules. Sundar and Ravi comes to take permission from Prasanth’s grandfather if they can take Prasanth out to play in the fields.

On this, Grandfather agrees but he givse suggestions regarding the road safety and asks them about the safety measures, which they are well aware of. Peter assures the grandpa that his teacher has taught them the rules of road safety, which they always follow strictly.

After a brief discussion, they comes to the following conclusion that

  1. One should always walk on the right side of the road, against the traffic so that one can see the vehicles coming.
  2. One should wait until the traffic is clear and then cross the road.
  3. One should never use a cell phone while walking on the road and,
  4. One should walk in a line and not in a groups.

Section 2

Section 2 highlights the importance of Outdoor Safety Rules through the conversation among Prasanth, Murthy, Grandpa, Mani, Sam and Jaffer.

Murthy starts the conversation by expressing his joy and enthusiasm for playing under the shade of the big Neem Tree. Here, Grandpa agrees with Murthy and states that one should be very careful during Summer season when the Sun is extremely hot. On this, Mani exclaims that his mother has instructed him not to roam in sunlight during summer especially between 10am and 3pm as it is very hot.

After their brief discussion about the safety measures during summer season, they draws the following conclusions:

  1. While playing the outdoor games during summer season, one should stay under the shades of trees.
  2. One should not roam in scorching sunlight between 10am to 3 pm.
  3. One should take breaks by going indoors or shades of trees.
  4. One should apply sunscreen for fifteen to twenty minutes before going out and,
  5. One should be street smart ,which means one should know when to do what.

Section 3

Section 3 highlights the importance of safety rules while staying at home. Here the conversation takes place among Ravi, Grandpa, Madam, Prasanth, Jaffer, Devi and other Children.

Ravi begins the conversation by questioning Grandpa about the safety measures one should practice at home, to which, the grandpa replies that one should learn to put things back in their respective places after using them and one should not play with knives or scissors.

Suddenly, the Grandpa gets a phone call from his old friend, Raghu. The phone was appreciated by Madam and Ravi, as apart from calling purposes, the phone is also helpful to Ravi for making Projects. Here, the Grandpa interrupts in between by stating that though the phone is helpful but there are some precautions which children should take while using it.

After their brief discussion they draw the following conclusions:

  1. Children should use Mobile phones only in the presence of Adults.
  2. One should be Cyber safe ,which includes not posting the personal information, photos and vacation plans in the social media.
  3. From fertilizers to antifreeze, medicine to makeup set and poisonous items should be kept away from the children.
  4. Medicines should be kept out of sight and reach of children.
  5. Hazardous automotive and gardening products should be secured and kept locked.
  6. A first aid kit is a must in every household, which should also have an emergency instructions inside it.