Hobby Turns into A Successful Career Lesson Summary [Samacheer Kalvi]


The prose “Hobby Turns into a Successful Career” is divided into three sections, where all the sections are highlighting three different personalities, who had led their hobbies turned into a Successful Career.

Section 1

Section one introduces us with a small village boy, named Mani, who find it difficult to read and write. On understanding his difficulty, Mani’s grandfather called him and helped him by reading bedtime stories. Gradually, Mani started writing on his own. Besides reading, he even started to write his own Stories.

Mani describes hobbies as activities, which are done in spare (extra) time. Each and every person possess a different hobby such as gardening, photography, book reading, swimming, stamp collection, playing video games etc.

He tells that it is one’s hobby which helps people to develop knowledge, relax after a tiring day and energises one’s body and mind. Mani’s hobby is writing, because writing makes him feel like painting his ideas in the form of words.

When he writes stories, he imagines a place with magic and magicians. Writing opens his mind to think beyond the little things and enjoy every bit of his life. Writing proves to be very useful to him, because he could describe things better in his stories. After working on his hobby with proper dedication, he develops a vigilant mind. Even English Essays are no more difficult for him, as writing has become his hobby.

Through his essay, Mani emphasises on the significance of learning and improving our hobbies. At the end, he just hopes to become a great writer one day, like the famous writer, R.K Narayan.

Section 2

Section two deals with the story of Ajay Kumar Garg, who is a very talented young artist from Jaipur, India. At the age of three, he suffered an injury, which made him permanently deaf. Despite many treatments, he could not hear anything. His parents tried him to recover from the unfortunate injury but no treatment proved to be fruitful.

One day, his father bought him a set of paint to play. Without wasting much time, Ajay started painting cheerfully on walls and floors. His parents realised that his talent lied in his paintings.

Ajay’s paintings was highly appreciated by a court artist, Shri Sua Lal, of Dholpur, in Rajasthan. The artist was amazed to see the talent of a five-year-old child. He even agreed to train Ajay and began to educate him in painting.

After growing up and completing his education, Ajay became an enthusiastic learner of Asha Devi, who used to teach him Miniature Paintings .Soon, Ajay got established in the field of Miniature Genre. Ajay displayed all his 150 works and sold 144 Paintings out of it.

He was so confident in his talent, that he did not limit his works within India, but he displayed all of his paintings throughout the United States and United Kingdom. In 2004, he received a National Award of Accomplishment from late president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Besides painting, Ajay also participated in the welfare of people with hearing disabilities. He has been the Executive member of the “Deaf and Dumb Association”, Rajasthan. He trained deaf children in Jaipur and in an orphanage in Gandhi Nagar for free of cost. One of the most imperative aim of Ajay is to revive and re-energise the ending art of traditional miniature Indian paintings.


Ajay’s life is the biggest example of how one can lead herself/himself towards the achievement of a successful career through their hobbies. And it is only possible if one is ready to accept the reality and work with full enthusiasm and optimism without being regretful of what is lacking in one’s life.

Section 3

The third section revolves around the life story of Ilavazhagi, who is a carom board champion. She achieved her dream despite the hurdles in her life. Her father, Irudayaraj, was a district level champion in carom but he was not at all motivated and supported by his family.

He was determined to achieve his dream through his daughter, who was his only last hope. He started training her. He often took her to the clubs, where she used to defeat him in the game. It was the starting of her journey, and she went on winning Asia Cup, SAARC CUP and World Championships.

She lived with her family in a small one-room apartment in Vysarpadi, Chennai. She was unable to collect her trophies in a limited place. Despite playing Carom for almost 14 years, she found it difficult to finance her trips for the matches.

She is a member of the Thiruvallur District Carom Association.She won the National Carom Championship in 2008 and became a World Champion in the Women’s singles after defeating P. Nirmala in the final round with 25-11 victory. Nobody could have ever imagined that her passion for Carom would lead her to such a respectful position.