Cyber Safety 8th Standard Prose Summary & Guide


“CYBER SAFETY “is a moral story about the safety and precautions one should take while using internet and any social media. It explores both the positive as well as the negative aspects of the modern technology.

The story aims to make us aware of the Cyber Crime and teach us how to use internet carefully. One should have the proper knowledge on how to use it like keeping our personal details, phone number, aadhar number, and interests very private.

There is a chance to get addicted to this power house of entertainment (internet) as it enables us to connect with people around the world, allow us to watch movies, listen to music, play games and enjoy various other activities. Through Gladin, Rani, and their parents, the story has beautifully depicted the proper usage of internet, it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages & Disadvantages

One day Gladin asked his mother about the working of a screw gauge. As instructed by his mother, Gladin browsed about it on the internet, where he could gather information and gain knowledge as well. Thus, the positive sides of the internet is highlighted here, but later when Rani encountered a problem with an online predator, the demerits of the technology and the internet exposed.

Rani was extremely frightened with the threatening, an unknown man gave her. When asked by her father, Rani informed that a stranger chatted with her everyday, knew her name, address, age everything. He even started using bad words. She further informed that the man had threatened her that if she dared to discuss about the chat to anyone else, he will cause harm to her family members.

After the enquiry, Rani’s father instructed her not to respond to the stranger’s message and if the problem is not solved, he will report to the Cyber police.

Rani’s Father’s Advise

Rani’s mother was very worried after this incident, so she asked her husband to advise the children about the Cyber Safety. Rani and Gladin both were instructed not to chat with the strangers, to keep all the personal details extremely private as they can be misused. They should not get addicted to this power house of entertainment as it may cause several serious health problems.

Mobile addiction causes several serious problems such as headache, weakened eyesight, sleep disorders, depression, stress, social isolation, aggressive behaviour, ruined relationships and low professional growth.

Gladin and Rani’s father ended his lecture on a positive note that despite the demerits, one cannot ignore the advantages and profits that internet provides us to our lives, educationally and socially, but we must limit their usage to control our lives.


Apart from taking precautions and knowing about the Cyber Safety, the story also intends to promote the idea of a Parent-Child conversation that children should always consult their parents if they face any sort of problems or harassments just like in the lesson Rani sought help from his father while she was in trouble. The same problem could have grown greater if she would have tried to handle the situation by herself. The final conclusion of the lesson is that too much of anything is good for nothing.