My Hobby Reading Poem Summary & Explanation in English Class 8th

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Chandrasekharan is an avid reader and expresses his fondness for the hobby of reading, in the poem. He describes his hobby and how it can direct society towards progress. The poem has fifteen lines and follows the abac rhyme scheme.


My hobby is readingIt helps me
In thought breeding.
It takes me to places
Near and far,
It keeps my rational
Doors ajar.
It teaches me
To cackle and cry
Without wings
It lets me fly.
I wish
If all the children could read,
In constructing a vigorous society,
Then we shall succeed.


The poet states that his hobby is reading. It helps him in thought breeding, which means that it helps the poet in being creative and getting new ideas. It takes the poet to new places, near and far. When one reads, their horizon broadens. A person sitting in their house reads about a magical kingdom and gets so engrossed in it that they start imagining the place and become a part of it. 

Reading keeps ones’ rational doors ajar. It gives room to think. It keeps the mind open to welcome new ideas. We become aware of many communities, societies, habitats and places. We start using logic rather than believing blindly.

Reading makes the poet laugh and cry. Without wings, it lets the poet fly. It gives the poet freedom. The freedom to imagine, the freedom to think. The poet wishes that all children could read, then we would be able to build a powerful and successful society.