Friendship Prose in 8th Standard Summary


“Friendship “is a very delighting and heart-touching story about a true friendship between two friends named Vetri and Asif. The story is divided into three sections.

Section 1

The first section describes the life of Vetri, who had a successful construction business called Vetri Constructions, but after his father’s demise, his brothers demanded their respective shares on the property and their wealth got splitted. It was very difficult for Vetri to manage his business all alone. He sold all of his properties to pay the loan, which he had taken from people and later started a job.

Despite the job, Vetri desired to re-start his business and a construction company again, which required a lot of money. On seeing the seriousness of the situation, Vetri’s wife suggested Vetri to ask help from his childhood friend Asif. The first section ends with the decision of Vetri to approach his childhood friend Asif to Chennai.

Section 2

The second section starts with Vetri’s travelling through train. While travelling, Vetri’s memory went back to his schooldays. He remembered the beautiful village, Keelakudi and a middle school, where he first met Asif and they were always together in learning and playing. Despite their family quarrels, their friendship remained unaffected. After tenth standard, Vetri moved to Coimbatore and Asif began his business in Chennai.

Section 3

The third section starts with the arrival of Vetri to Asif’s office, where Vetri was very nervous and he was not even sure whether he would be able to meet Asif or not. Asif saw him on the CCTV camera and came out to welcome him. Asif could not express his joy on meeting Vetri after waiting for so long.

They discussed about schooldays, fun memories and their business as well. Asif took Vetri to his home, and they had lunch together. Vetri was astonished to see that the entire family of Asif had recognised him. Asif’s wife informed him that they all knew him but this was for the first time they were meeting him in person.

After staying till the evening, Vetri was dropped by Asif at the railway station. Two days after Vetri reached his home, a call came to him and he was requested to visit Chennai once again because the MD of the company, Asif, had assigned a new project to him. Vetri was unable to believe what he was told on the call.