Homeless Man and his Friends: A True Story Summary in English Class 9


“Homeless Man and his friends” is a real story about the unbelievable love and loyalty between a wanderer named, Cesar and his gangs of dogs. The story takes place in Rio do Sul, South Brazil. Cesar, the hero of the story, often sacrifices his own food in order to satisfy the appetite of the stray dogs.

Cesar Caught High Fever

One day, Cesar caught high fever and required an emergency treatment. Surprisingly, the stray dogs, whom Cesar had been feeding for so long, proved to be extremely loyal. They provided Cesar an emotional support and made sure that he was not alone. At the hospital the nurse, Cris Mamprim and her colleagues witnessed the unbelievable loyalty of the dogs. At 3A.M, Cesar, arrived at the emergency room to seek treatment and medication for a pre-existing health condition, he had been battling.

The nurse, Mamprim, and the other staffs of the hospital were unaware of Cesar’s health problem because this was his first time in a hospital. After some time, the staffs realised that a gang of dogs had accompanied Cesar. Four dogs were waiting for Cesar at the entrance of the hospital.

Mamprim Shares the Memory

Mamprim snapped a photo of the touching scene and later posted it on her Facebook, saying, “I came across this today, at the hospital where I work, at 3 A.M. While their master was being treated, his companions waited at the door.” Mamprim exclaimed that a simple person, who himself depends on help to overcome his hunger, the cold, and the pain, had the best Companions by his side.

Cesar confessed that he had been sacrificing his food to feed his dogs. Mamprim spoke to The Dodo that “They are well taken care of and chubby”. (*Dodo is an American media, which focuses on spreading animal stories and animals’ rights issues). Fortunately, Cesar recovered and reunited with his friends. The staffs let the dogs inside and offered some food to Cesar.

Mamprim recalled that he ate some and had saved a bit to give the dogs later. Cesar left the hospital after an hour with his four dogs trailing behind, happily wagging their tails. Mamprim further added that despite the poverty, and no family, Cesar will never be left alone in his life because he had earned love and kindness from his canine companions.