Weathering the Storm in Ersama Class 9 Short Summary & Explanation in English


Prashant found himself in a difficult situation when a storm suddenly halted his leisure time and jeopardized his family.

Leisure Time

Seven years after his mother died, Prashant went to Ersama to spend some time with his friend. A horrific storm came, strong winds started to blow, and it rained heavily. His friend’s house was filled with water. Trees also fell on their house and damaged the walls and roof.

Though the winds became normal, Prashant and his friend’s family had to climb to the roof to escape the rising water level in the village. A coconut tree had fallen on their roof, and these coconuts kept them alive. Prashant only thought of one thing; his family.

A Destructive Storm

After the water receded a little bit, Prashant decided to go and find his family. He equipped himself with a stick (to find the road). He also met his two friends of his uncle, and they marched ahead together. Upon seeing the destruction caused by the storm, Prashant started to weep as he was sure that his family was no more.

When he reached his home, he could see the roof only. It was devastated. He went to the red cross shelter to look for his family. One by one, every member of his family appeared and hugged him. Eighty-six people died, and all the houses were washed away. Now the village had to arrange for food, and the merchant must give his stock. 

Victorious Prashant

They negotiated with the merchant. Prashant emerged as the young leader. He made a task force and decided to help the people in cleaning the village. A helicopter flew over the village and dropped food packets. Prashant observed that most of the kids were orphaned. He decided to depute women to look after the kids.

The government proposed to make institutions for the orphans, but people resisted this proposal as Prashant believed that this would make the kids grow without love and care. He organized sports events for the orphans to engage them so that they would forget their grief. Everyone passed that moment of deep pain and grief together.