The Bond of Love Class 9 Short Summary & Explanation in English


Story about a bear cub who was adopted by a family. He grew to be a family pet. 

The Dead Mother

Two years ago, the narrator was passing through sugarcane fields where people were shooting pigs. Suddenly, a sloth bear came out panting due to heat. One of the companions of the narrator shot the bear. As they were examining the body, a little bear cub ran into the fields. They got a hold of it finally.

A Gift to Remember

The narrator presented the cub to his wife, who named him Bruno. Bruno initially survived on bottled milk but soon began to eat everything from porridge to fruits and nuts. Bruno became quite accustomed to their two Alsatian dogs.

One day, Bruno accidentally consumed poison, which the narrator had placed for the rats. Bruno was paralyzed and could not stand. Bruno dragged himself to the narrator’s wife, and they took him to the doctor.

Sick Bruno

The doctor gave Bruni 10 cc of antidotes to Bruno, who suffered heavy breathing and gasping. Bruno’s condition remained the same, so the doctor administered another 10 cc dose to him. Bruno recovered and was in good condition now. Bruno once also drank a lot of engine oil which the narrator had in his attic.

Bruno, The Giant

After many months Bruno had become enormous. His name was changed to Baba. Though his size had increased manifold, his nature remained the same. He could also do tricks now like holding the gun, wrestle and many more. He was chained most of the time. Soon after, the narrator’s family decided to send Baba to a nearby zoo as he was too big to be kept at home.

Back in Town

The narrator’s family missed Baba. The zookeeper replied to a letter sent by the narrator’s wife that Baba refused food and was anxious. When the narrator’s wife visited the zoo, Baba instantly recognized her.

On leaving, the wife and Baba both cried. She asked the zookeeper if she can have her Baba back. She talked to the higher authorities and got Baba back. Baba was released on his private island with ample space and everything he loved.