The Lost Child Class 9 Short Summary & Explanation in English


Little kids are always fascinated by colours but could this obsession for colors triumph their love for their parents? Read the summary to find out.

The Festival of Positivity

The festival of spring had put a very bright tint on humanity. Everyone talked with joy and happiness. One little boy was checking out toys in a shop. His parents summoned him, and he followed obediently. Finally, he mustered some courage and asked his parents for a toy.

His father gave him a stern look while his mother advised him to see the vast pale-yellow mustard field that lay in front of them all. Then they summoned him to come to the footpath.

The little child got distracted by the worms and insects that danced along with the mustard fields. The little child was too busy with the worms, so the parents got a hold of him and started to walk ahead.

Collage of Colors

As they came closer to the village, the little child was confused with the multi-colored ground where a fair had been organized. There were colors everywhere. A sweet-seller was selling gulab-jamun, rasagulla, and burfi.  The child wanted that burfi, but he knew that he would not get anything. So, he moved while being hopeless.

After walking a while, a garland-seller offered a garland of Gulmohar, which the child wanted very badly. However, he thought that his parents would call him cheap, so he moved on. Next, he saw a balloon-seller. He wanted all the balloons because he loved their rainbow-colored glory. However, he thought that his parents would consider him too old to play with balloons and moved on.

Deep Imagination

The child saw a snake-charmer controlling his snake that looked awesome to the child. At the same time, he remembered that his parents had forbidden him from listening to that kind of music, so he again moved on. He came across a roundabout that had children and people laughing and carrying them in a round motion.

He asked his parents for a ride on that roundabout but could not find them anymore. There was no sign of his parents in either direction. He was too afraid and cried for his parents. His turban was untied, and his clothes became muddy. 

I want my mother, I want my father!

Finally, he entered a shrine that was very congested. Huge, murderous-looking men jostled each other. He could have been trampled under their feet but somehow managed to raise a huge cry. A man lifted him and asked him about his problems. The child cried for his parents.

There was only one sentence that the child could speak, “I want my mother, I want my father!”. That man tried every possible way to distract the child but failed. He showed him a garland, balloons, snake-charmer, and even the sweets, but the child had no interest. He only wanted his mother and father.