The Beggar Class 9 Short Summary & Explanation in English


Sergei, an advocate changed the life of a homeless man by offering him work.

The Fraudulent Beggar

The beggar asked advocate Sergei for some kindness. After inspecting closely, it seemed to the advocate that he had seen this man somewhere. Sergei had seen this man a day before, and he claimed to be an expelled student. Sergei turned his face from the beggar with disgust.

Sergei threatened to send the police for that dishonest beggar. The beggar finally told him the truth. He lied because nobody would give him anything if he told the truth. He was a singer. Sergei advised him to work and make a living for him. He told Sergei that he had no work. Sergei offered him to cut his wood. He complied, and Sergei showed him the wood barn. 

Olga: The Kind Cook

Sergei went to his dining room, from where one can see the wood barn. He saw his cook Olga, who was scolding the beggar. The beggar tried to cut the wood, but all in vain. He was lost in thoughts. He was too cold to cut wood. Sergei’s anger vanished.

Olga came in a told Sergei that the beggar had chopped all the woods. Sergei told Olga to give the beggar half a rouble. Sergei told Olga that the beggar could come and chop wood on the first of every month.

Every time the beggar came and worked, he earned one or two roubles every month. His name was Lushkoff. Sergei asked him if he can write. So, Sergei sent him to one of his friends with a letter. Sergei told him that he would be given some copying work. 

A Self-Made Man

Two years passed, and one day Sergei was buying a ticket for some show when a man with a collared suit came and paid in copper coins. Sergei recognized him and asked if he was Lushkoff. Sergei came to know that Lushkoff was now a notary and earned thirty-five roubles a month.

Lushkoff told Sergei that it was his cook Olga who sparked a change in his heart. He also revealed that Olga used to chop wood for him. They both went inside the theatre.