Packing Class 9 Short Summary & Explanation Notes in English


Three friends, Jerome, George, and Harris, decided to pack their stuff. Anarchy follows when George and Harris pack their hamper. 

A Proud Packer

The narrator (Jerome) felt pride in himself for packing efficiently. He thought that he packed better than any other person. His friends George and Harris complied and gave him the space to pack, but he meant something else. He thought that he would direct them on how to pack, and they would do the actual packing. The narrator knew that George and Harris sitting idly while he worked would irritate him.

The Toothbrush

Jerome, at last, started to pack stuff. As he had finished the packing, he was reminded by Harris if he had packed the boots. He felt despondent and opened the bag again to put the shoes inside. As he finished again, he had this horrible idea in his mind if he had packed his toothbrush. Jerome had this nightmare of not packing his toothbrush every time he packed. 

The Spectacles

He unpacked everything to find the toothbrush but all in vain. He found George and Harris’s toothbrush multiple times but not his own. Everything was a mess now. He finally found his toothbrush in a boot and had to repack everything as it was before. He then remembered that he had accidentally packed his spectacles, so he had to reopen the bag once again. 

A Huge Mess

George and Harris decided to pack the hamper to show Jerome how actual packing is done. They had the worse packing ever. They broke many things and squashed the tomatoes. They created a huge mess. They lost track of many things and packed like a duo of amateurs. 

Dog’s Anarchy

Montmorency (their dog) interrupted them and destroyed everything in the hamper. It added to their misery. He also put his leg into the jam and thought lemons to be rats. Harris landed him with a frying pan. The packing was completed at 12.50, and they all went upstairs to sleep. They all decided to wake at 6:30 in the morning.