In the Kingdom of Fools Class 9 Short Summary & Explanation in English


In the kingdom of fools, things worked differently. Night was day and day was night. How will the justice be delivered?

Our Unique Kingdom

The ministers and kings in the kingdom of fools wanted to do things differently, so they turned day into night and vice-versa. They ordered everyone to work in the night and sleep all day. The people complied with their orders. One day, a guru and his disciple arrived in the city. They found that the village was empty all day and as soon as it was night, everyone went to his work.

When the guru and his disciple wanted to eat something, they came to know that they could buy everything at a fixed price no matter the quantity. The guru advised his disciple to leave the place as it seemed to him it was the kingdom of fools, but the disciple wanted to stay there as everything was very cheap. The guru left, and the disciple decided to stay there. He ate and became fat like a bull.

The Innocent Thief

One day, a thief was stealing something from a wealthy merchant. While crossing the hole (that he dug up in the wall), the wall collapsed, and he died on the spot. His brother went to the king and blamed the merchant for not building a solid wall. The king summoned the merchant at once. He blamed the merchant for killing the innocent burglar.

The king blamed the merchant for murdering an innocent man. That merchant pleaded in front of the king that it was not his fault but the fault of the builder who built that wall. The builder was an older man and lived nearby. 

The bricklayer was summoned and questioned by the king. He blamed a girl that went up and down that street. He told the king that he used to see that girl while building the wall, and thus she diverted his attention. The king must summon the girl.

As the case deepened, the king summoned the girl at last. The king questioned that girl, and she told the king that a goldsmith made her come to his shop every day because he would not deliver her jewellery that she had given him to design for her.

The Deepening Crisis

The goldsmith told the king that he had to finish the merchant’s order before giving the girl his jewellery. It was the wealthy merchant whose wall had collapsed on the head of that thief. He told the king that his father (now dead) ordered the jewellery, but the king told him that someone must be punished instead of his criminal father.

The king’s servant realised that the merchant was too thin to be executed on the stake. They must find a fat man. They found the disciple. The disciple prayed to his guru to save him. He at once arrived to save his disciple. They went to the king, and the guru told the king to hang him first. They started to fight.

The guru told the king that this stake of justice and whosoever died here would be the next king and second to die would be the future minister. The king, in secret, released the guru and the disciple and disguised himself as the guru. As the king and all his minister died, the guru and disciple were persuaded by the people to rule that village. Finally, they agreed.