A House is not a Home Class 9 Short Summary & Explanation in English


This story is based on a narrator whose childhood was hit with the pangs of identity crisis.

The Good Old School

The narrator was sent to a different school than his friends. He felt very isolated. The narrator missed his old school teacher. His old teachers encouraged him to participate in new school activities and meet new people. 

Fire Storm

One day while sitting in his home in front of the fire, he noticed smoke coming out of the room. All of his family at once ran out of the house. His mother went in to bring a case filled with essential documents. As all this happened, firetrucks came and tried to put out the fire. They got his mother out safely, and the narrator hugged her. The narrator saw his whole house burn down before his eyes, and he could do nothing about it.

They went to his grandparent’s house that night. The narrator had nothing to wear. He wore the same church clothes and had no shoes. His backpack was destroyed in the fire. He walked around without any feelings. 

When he checked his burnt house after returning from school, he was surprised to see the damage. The fire destroyed everything except the photo albums and documents that his mother heroically rescued. His cat was dead.

New Friends, New Life

He missed his cat very severely. His family rented an apartment nearby. In school, everybody knew of the tragedy that happened to him. According to the narrator, this was not the way he wanted to start a new school.

He felt unfortunate, then suddenly, one day, there was a surprise for the narrator. All the kids in the school had arranged supplies for the narrator. Books, bags, uniforms and other school paraphernalia. The narrator was emotional. 

Beautiful Cat

For the first time in a while, he thought that everything was going to be good. He made many new friends that day.

A month later, the narrator was watching his house being rebuilt. He was with his friends. Suddenly, someone tapped his back from behind and handed over his cat to him. He was very excited to see his cat. Everyone hugged each other. The narrator could see his life being rebuilt.