Topsy-Turvy Land Poem Summary Notes and Line by Line Explanation in English Class 5th


In the poem ‘Topsy Turvy Land’, we get to observe the world from a different angle. Everything on this land is upturned, as the name indicates. The sun rises in the west to start. Living in such a place is therefore pretty hilarious, as one may imagine. The poem informs us of several other peculiar occurrences on this land.

About The Poet

H.E Wilkinson was born in the year 1892 and lived till 1987.

Theme Of The Poem

The poem provides us with a completely different perspective on the “normal” that we experience every day by describing a scenario that is far out of the ordinary. It strengthens our perception of what we regard to be normal.

Stanza 1

The people walk upon their heads, 
The sea is made of sand, 
The children go to school by night, 
In Topsy-turvy Land.

The poet discusses how there are differences between what we do on a regular basis and other things on this land in the opening verse. He says that people in this place walk on their hands rather than their feet. The sea is entirely made of sand; there is no water there. On this land, kids attend school at night instead of during the school day.

Stanza 2

The front-door step is at the back, 
You're walking when you stand, 
You wear your hat upon your feet, 
In Topsy-turvy Land.

Furthermore, the main door is at the back of the houses on this land. Another bizarre thing is that the creatures walk on their hands rather than their feet. The same goes for their hats, which they wear on their feet rather than their heads. 

Stanza 3

And buses on the sea you'll meet, 
While pleasure boats are planned, 
To travel up and down the streets 
Of Topsy-turvy Land.

Buses run on the water over here, therefore one might not locate them on the streets. The boats will also not be in the sea, but rather on the streets.

Stanza 4

You pay for what you never get,
 I think it must be grand, 
For when you go you're coming back, 
In Topsy-turvy Land.

People in this country are forced to pay for things they do not receive since the discount rates are consistently high. In this land, people genuinely return after they leave.