Robinson Crusoe Discovers a Footprint Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Cass 5th


The mariner, Robinson Crusoe spent years alone on a deserted island off the coast of America, at the mouth of the Great River of Oroonoque. A shipwreck stranded him on a secluded beach. Crusoe stumbled upon something nearly impossible one day. On the island where he lived, he discovered a footprint. This chapter covers a description of what followed next.

About The Author

Daniel Defoe was a writer, merchant, journalist, pamphleteer, and spy who lived in England. He is most known for his novel Robinson Crusoe, which was published in 1719 and is said to have received more translations than the Bible.

A Secluded Island, A Footprint…

When Crusoe was heading towards his boat one day, he was shocked to see a man’s footprint in the sand. At the time, he was astounded. He attentively watched everything around him and started to glance around, but he was unable to hear or see anything. In order to spot something, he went higher and returned to the coast many times.

He double-checked to see whether he was delusional or if it was real. However, he established that a unique footprint with toes, heel, and every other feature of a foot existed. He became worried after discovering a footprint but was unable to determine who left it. Every two steps he took, he peered behind him, mistaking a shrub for a man. He dashed to his cave as if he were being chased. After this occurrence, he had a restless night. He grew terrified when he realized the footprint belonged to a mainland barbarian. He began to wonder if the man he was referring to had seen his boat. That guy would return to murder Crusoe if that was the case.

For days, he slept in fright and yearned for protection. He became increasingly paranoid as a result of this incident. He grew courageous again after continuing his life for two to three days and seeing nothing. He returned to the spot where he had discovered the footprint and decided to compare it to his own. It wasn’t his footprint, though, and it was far larger. He got more afraid after that. Fearing that someone was watching him, he returned to his cave. The footprint’s mystery remained unexplained! The island appeared to be inhabited.